Our healthcare systems are broken.
In the midst of a global pandemic, we must work together to find the answers.

Through collaborative design and open innovation, we are uniting the dental & medical industries—and transforming healthcare with a whole-body, mouth-first approach.

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How We’ll Bring Systemic Change to the Dental and Medical Industries

Move from "Patients" to People

Focus on wellness & prevention-first models that prioritizes the patient experience and mirrors consumer trends. These include on-demand services, hyper-personalization, and membership models—as well as care that evolves to meet the lived realities of an aging population.

Prioritize Integrated Care Models 

Create patient-centered approaches that integrate the medical and dental industries. This is a tech-driven approach that prioritizes whole-body wellness—from preventing systemic disease to caring for a patient’s mental health.

Transform Healthcare Providers into Business Leaders 

Invest in leadership development, administrative automation, culture & business model innovation, and people management. Good business strategy is central to providing effective and quality healthcare solutions. 

Identity the Root Cause

Develop a highly efficient and effective approach that accounts for behavioral change, environmental stressors, systemic ills, genetics, prevention, and even issues of trust and transparency. Identifying the root cause leads to better outcomes.

Power the Care Management of the Future 

Make key, positive changes in the routines, practices, and strategies of mid-level providers and health-focused community members. Tools for this shift include telemedicine, data sharing, teledentistry, mobile dentistry, and more.

Account for Urbanization, Inequality & Access

Build and prioritize models that focus on accessibility, exposure & affordability, and closing the socio-economic gaps that lead to worsened outcomes. The FutureOf healthcare belongs to everyone.

Accelerate with Digital Efficiency

Develop models focused on streamlining workflows and digital assembly lines, using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. Smart data and tech are crucial to operating with the level of quality and personalization our patient-consumers demand. 

Create Thriving & Dynamic Communities

Convene the brightest minds and thought leaders in our industry through purposeful programming and events. Collaboration and collective learning leads to evolved best practices, new associations, and heightened innovation.
Future Of x Uni Logo

FutureOf partners with Uni, a creative platform that allows group ideation to unfold in a structured and collaborative manner. Uni’s approach allows change to happen faster and more effectively, with the input of diverse stakeholders.

Create the future with us

Open perspectives lead to open innovation.

Want to solve healthcare problems at the root? You're in the right place.

Create the future with us

Our Collaborative Projects

The Future of Patient Experience

Also in the works…

FutureOf Pediatrics
FutureOf Inclusion and Diversity 
FutureOf Collaborative Decision Making 

Rapid Response COVID19 Alliance

Care For A Better Tomorrow

We’re rebuilding our dental community—by supporting front-line workers when they need us most. Our collaborative efforts united leading brands in the dental industry to provide three core services: protection for our workers, distribution of invaluable resources for practices, and education for the wider dental community on navigating our new reality.

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We invest in making the world a better place. Join us to transform the industries that define our way of life. 
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We prioritize a mouth-first, preventative approach to healthcare—with new technologies, enhanced empathy, and models of care. 

Join us to collaborate with leading brands and providers in the dental and medical industries.

The FutureOf _______: It’s ours to design. 

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